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Association for Project Management (APM)

Stepping out of the Play Zone


28th November 2017

18:00 pm

We all know that effective communication is essential to the success of any relationship, including those in our projects and team-based endeavours. However, just because it is essential, our communication is not always guaranteed to work the way we hoped or intended.

Humans create patte
s of behaviour for survival. We also create patte
s of communication for survival. For example, social lubrication: 'how are you?'; 'fine and you?'

Sometimes we run these patte
s even when we know they are not helpful and they do not have the desired effect. We can’t seem to stop ourselves. In team-based scenarios, we may well be caught up in someone else’s patte
– in a team there is ample opportunity for that to happen.

What do we do when we sense we are stuck in unhelpful patte
s of communication, feeling we are not being heard or not getting the response we expect?

Communication patte
s are sometimes referred to as 'games' and are not necessarily fun! Imagine if we could recognise when we are in a 'game' and stop, step outside the patte
, and choose to respond differently? If we could, then the game has to stop because we are no longer in-role, we’ve gone off script.

Then we give ourselves real choice about what we can do next. We’ll have a look at a common form of 'game', how to recognise when we’ve entered the play zone and - more to the point - what to do to get out of it.

Samuel Lindow Building, UCLan, Westlakes, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA24 3JY

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Darren Johnston

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