About Us

There are a multitude of professional bodies, institutions and associations which operate extensive local programmes of events in our region. While each organisation promotes its own events there has never before been a single place to find out about all professional events. It is hoped that through the inclusion of event information on this website from a broad range of institutions, that inter-disciplinary networking can be encouraged, opportunities for continuous professional development made available to all, and opportunities to broaden our professional horizons facilitated.

Our current contributors include local branches of:

  • The Institution of Engineering & Technology 
  • Royal Society Of Chemistry
  • The Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  • The Institution of Chemical Engineers
  • The Nuclear Institute
  • Institution of Civil Engineers
  • Institution of Materials, Mining and Minerals
  • Institute of Physics
  • Association of Project Management
  • Chartered Institute of Building
  • Chartered Quality Institute
  • The Institute of Asset Management
  • Institute of Measurement and Control
  • Royal Institute of British Architects

This is a "not for profit" website and we do not charge for its use. We would like to thank the University of Central Lancashire for sponsoring the initial development costs of getting this website up and running.


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